Independent Research

Research is at the heart of what we do. Akkadia has a well-established reputation for providing quality intelligence and independent analysis on Iraq. We believe that intelligence and diligence are the most critical factors for a successful investment. Our team has been trained in global financial institutions and some of the world’s leading investment banks and we pride ourselves on our strong research capabilities. Together with our unique local insight, we provide a winning formula of expert, independent research and analysis.

Our analysis is a result of field research and interviews at every level combined with a comprehensive scrutiny of data. Due to unmatched access to local companies and decision makers, we provide well-informed and otherwise unobtainable intelligence. Akkadia’s strong competitive edge is a solid understanding of the intricacies of the local environment.

We analyse the macro environment at every level of detail in order to accurately assess the risk-return trade-off. What makes our research different is its impartiality. Iraq is one of the most promising frontier markets but, as we are governed by a strictly ethical code of conduct, we never shy away from highlighting the challenges associated with investing in Iraq.

We publish economic, sector and company research. Our sector and company analysis applies a bottom up approach, where we combine our financial skills with extensive on-the-ground analysis of the competitive landscape and the operational environment.

Our research services complement every aspect of our business. We publish independent research and provide our clients with bespoke analysis upon request.