Baghdad Regeneration

A Message From Our Founder

When we founded Akkadia Partners, we wanted to be part of the success story that Iraq is certain to be. We have a deep conviction that the Iraq of today will ultimately rise and flourish, like the ancient empire of Akkad.

Like Akkad, the Iraq of today will be a shining example of cultural symbiosis, political stability and economic prosperity.

Today, Iraq presents what seem to be insurmountable challenges. Behind every challenge, however, lies massive potential and great opportunity. We are confident that Iraq offers investors opportunities that will be unmatched for years to come. After decades of conflict, Iraq is now undergoing a country-wide reconstruction programme. The wealth in natural resources it has always offered has been augmented by the discovery of vast amounts of mineral resources. Gradually, Iraq is resuming its position as a developing economic powerhouse.

Since our inception, we have managed to achieve great results by taking calculated risks while simultaneously adopting a long-term strategy. Our track record and collective experience across a number of emerging markets provide us with a unique set of skills that we have deployed in our homeland. Our roots and local presence only add to our strength. Today, we are reaping the benefits of our commitment to the country; our dedication and successful track record in Iraq have made us the partner of choice to local groups and foreign investors alike.

Suha Najjar – Founder and Chief Executive Officer