Iraq: 10 Years After the Invasion

About Akkadia

Founded in 2010, Akkadia Partners is an FCA regulated financial services firm offering asset management, corporate finance and advisory services, brokerage and independent research.

Our focus is on Iraq – one of the most promising frontier markets with vast, untapped natural resources, including the world’s fifth-largest oil reserves and rich deposits of gas, sulphur and other minerals. Yet, it is a virgin territory that remains largely unexplored, with industry sources estimating undiscovered reserves to be equally substantial.

The investment case for Iraq is one of reconstruction, reform and discovery. Decades of conflict and political instability have left the country with a desperate need for rehabilitation. With an exponential increase in oil production and discovery, Iraq is witnessing one of the most extensive reconstruction efforts in recent history. The World Bank is projecting real economic growth to exceed 10% over the next five years; this makes Iraq one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

We have an intimate knowledge of Iraq and are confident that the opportunities it offers are unrivalled, despite the ebb and flow in stability. Our founders are investment professionals and regional business groups with strong on-the-ground presence and wide business interests in a number of sectors across the region including oil & gas and financial services. Akkadia is unique in the quality and expertise of our team. We have a long and established experience in emerging markets with a successful track record. However, it is our strong presence in, and deep knowledge of, Iraq that gives us a unique competitive edge.

Akkadia offers four lines of business:

Asset Management

Corporate Finance & Advisory


Independent Research


We are headquartered in London and operate through a network of offices. Our offices in Iraq are located in the capital Baghdad and the oil rich southern region of Basra, in addition to a regional office in Amman, Jordan.